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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

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Best Event Blogging Premium Templates for Blogger 2016

Hi Readers!! Its been a long time. Today I am back with a Premium Post which will be helpful to get better results in Event Blogging. 

Event blogging is way more different than running a Long Term Blog. All you need is a good looking Template for your blog and 20+ ready posts before the event. And Boom... if you Rank you will Bank.

Your blog design matters first in the Event blogging. It is the only way to attract the first time readers. 

Most of the Event Bloggers fail to get visitors due to poor blog design. Here I am sharing the top 5 Premium Responsive Blogger templates worth more than 75$ for Free. Choose any of these templates which matches perfectly to your Niche.

#1. Hola Event Blogging template

This is the best ever theme recommended for Event Blogging. The side bar Ad placements and Three column layout is good enough for the Adsense Ads to get us some $$$. 


Here are some of the Features of Hola Responsive Template.

  • Three Column Layout
  • Ad Optimized
  • Fast loading Theme
  • Two Responsive Navigation Menus
         Download                                           Live Demo

#2. Apriezt v2.1 Event Blogging Template:

This is one kind of template which attracts the users with its stunning design. The Thumbnail view which make the posts look elegant and helps users to navigate easily. Mobile version looks damn good. Trust me, most of the bloggers prefer this in Event blogging.


Here are some Outstanding Features of Apriezt Event blogging Template:

  • Responsive layout (Full & Boxed)
  • Ajax Page Navigation
  • Support Mega Menu
  • 3 Comments(Blogger,FB, Disqus)
       Download                                             Live Demo

#3. Copy Blogger v2 Event blogging Template

This responsive template looks like Genesis theme. With two Navigation menus which helps to enrich the keywords in the Top menu bars to get ranked in Google. This makes your blog design Elegant and Attractive.


Here are some features of Copy Blogger Event blogging template:

  • 2 Dropdown navigation Menus
  • Stunning Threaded Comment System
  • Fast Loading
  • Responsive SEO Optimized  
       Download                                             Live Demo

#4. Frontier Event Blogging Template:

This is the basic template with utmost page load speed. Fast loading is the most important concern in Event blogging and no other template match to this Ultimate page load speed. It has good Ad Placements like Top banner ads and Side bar floating ads. Most of the sports niche event bloggers prefer this template.


                     Download                                Live Demo                 

#5. Elice Event Blogging Template:

Elice is yet another popular template which can also be used for long term blogging too. The inbuilt Top Subscriber widget will surely help you in Long Term blogging. This template looks pretty fine to present the Text and Images and well Optimized mobile version will be helpful for the event bloggers. I personally use this for All Tech Expert blog.


            Download                                                              Live Demo

These are the premium Templates which worth more than 75$ check Themeforest for the price.

I am sure you will choose one from the above list to make your blog look elegant. If you like reading this article do share it in Facebook and Google Plus.

If you have any other templates which suits for event blogging do share with us in Comments.

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Friday, 19 February 2016

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How to make money using Link Shortener for Beginner: Review

Hi Readers!!

We all spend many hours daily on Internet doing absolutely nothing. Most of us use Internet for scrolling Facebook posts or to watch Youtube videos or any other.

And everyone, once in their life have come across a Search term " How to make money online  " in Google. For those who are searching for simple ways to earn money online, here is a small trick which results in large amounts of money.


Even a Newbie can use this method and make hell lot of money. Lets go straight away to the Topic.

Have you heard about Link Shortening which converts Large and long URL's to short urls and makes it easy to share in social media.

I think most of you have seen this Short Urls.

Well they are actually the shorten links which redirects to a specific pages in Websites. Some companies like Google and Bitly are the best URL shorteners. But sadly they dont pay you any money for shortening the links. However Bitly pays you in little.

But today we are here with the Best URL shortener of 2016 which pays you a handsome income for shortening the links. Yes you read it right.!! Handsome Money by shortening url's Earn money by Shortening URL: is the European company which allows to shorten links and pays for every visit on our Shortened link. I have been using this over a year and got amazing results compared to Bitly. is the best URL shortener for me.

  • 12$ for every 1000 Views
  • 5$ minimum payout threshold.
  • Multiple withdraw options like Paypal and Payoneer
  • No Sensitive Ads.
  • More widgets and Banners to promote.
  • FREE API. for the developers to get more from it.

                                            Payout Rates for 1000 views

How to earn money from :

Here is the complete guide to use the best url shortener thay pays you more. Follow the instructions to get started with - best url shortening site.

So lets solve the simple question How to start making money from

First Sign up in the official website of

Once you finished all the info. You will land on the Dashboard of

You are all done now. You can copy any URL and shorten them using the Shorten Button at the top. Your shorten url will be like this.

Now copy that shorten URL and share with your friends. Whenever your shorten URL is visited, your will bank the amount.

If you didn't signup in Do it now because the next words you read about a simple trick will get you a hell lot of money.

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Simple Trick to Earn 10$ a day by Shortening URLs :

A Trick for a Newbie guys

Join large Active Facebook groups and start posting about something with your shorten links. Lets say you joined a Facebook group having images or videos or Deals then write a catchy description and add your Shorten URL below.

You can use them in Whatsapp groups and even you can use them while sharing some files with friends. 

Here is an Extra Trick for Pro's

Those who are having Blogs or Promoting some products over internet, so called Affiliate Marketers. Then use these shorten links while promoting.

Replace inbound and outbounds links of your blog with these shorten URL's. This will add some $$$ to your income. Why late?? Join - Best URl Shortener today.

Thats all for the day guys. Hope you like this article. Share this with your Friends.

( Use to shorten this page link and give it to your friends while sharing. Your earnings Starts from Here.!!)

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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

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Is Freedom251 Smartphone a Scam??

Today 18 Feb 2016 Indian Market banged with the release of Freedom251 Smartphone. Ringing Bells Pvt. Ltd partnered with Make In India campaign to release this Big Budget Smartphone to Indian Market on 17 Feb 2016.

The whole world awaits today to see the New Smartphone Era. But the whole drama they created went in vain with their www.Freedom251 .com homepage crashed and no one able to get the phone ordered.

Here are some hard Facts which prove Freedom 251 smartphone as a SCAM

Freedom 251 Invitation Fails: 

Take a close look at the Invitation, it named as BELL and the website www.freedam251 .com shows the company name as Ringing Bells Pvt Ltd. 


The logo is same but Company name is different. This is an Interesting thing to look up before buying Freedom251 smart phone.

Is Freedom251 is Rebranded Adcom Ikon 4??

Another Interesting thing is there is no Images of Freedom251 Smartphone in Internet. Some of the Images resembles Adcom Ikon 4 mobile which is on Indian market at a price of 4000/-. Take a closer look at Adcom phone and the Freedom 251 present in website. Its looks quiet the same in Model but slightly differs in Configuration.

No Cash on Delivery option in www.freedom251 .com

There is no Cash on Delivery option available for Freedom251 booking on www.freedom251 .com website. Only online payment is available. If there is an COD available it feels some Safety for Buyers. If its a Digital India Campaign how can poor have online Banking. It would be better to have a Cash on Delivery option to prove its not a SCAM.

Close look at www.freedom251 .com Website:

This website is created just 8 days back. They even don't have good amount of information in their website and they claims to have 650+ service centers over India. How is it even possible. Check the website creation date.


Delay in Delivery Time

Due to the high Demand for this phone they said the phones will be delivered after July 2016. Lets do some math here.

  • They advertised it like hell so let us assume they will approximately get 1 crore Booking in these 3 days. i.e ( 251 Crores)
  • They promised to deliver it after 4 months (probably you will forget about it after 120 days)- INTEREST on 251 crores for 4 months @9% p.a = 7.53 Crores)
  • We all know getting this phone is next to impossible, But We are trying our luck and if Phone does not get delivered we will, at least get the refund.

Note: Its just a calculation. We are not saying this is the real drama around it. Here we got some people comments who ordered Ringing Bells Smart 101 4G phone recently.

Final Verdict:

By looking all the above facts one can clearly gets idea of Freedom 251 Marketing. Lets hope its not a SCAM or a piece of Crap. We hope its an experiment to get India Digitalized.

Go ahead and take a look at www.freedam251 .com now.
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Freedom 251 Booking: How to Buy / Book Freedom 251 Smart phone from www.freedom251 .com

Smart Phone lovers get ready to lute the First ever Big Budget Smartphone under 4$. 

Yes you read it right.!! Another Make in India Product is out.

The World's cheapest phone under 4$ (Rs. 251 ) is ready to Hit Indian Market on Feb 18, 2016. Mark the date fellas. Its a Historic day in Smartphone Era.


An Indian Startup Ringing Bells Pvt. Ltd gets ready to Bang the Mobile World with its Cheapest Smart phone under 4$ with One year Warranty.

To provide satisfying Mobile Experience for the users, Ringing Bells launches the Big Budget Smart phone into the Market with Advanced Technology. As it is an Indian Startup it comes with some pre-installed apps like Swatch Bharat, Women Safety, Farmer, Medical apps for the growth of the Country.

Features of Freedom 251 Smartphone:

Freedom 251 Booking starts from 18 Feb 2016 6:00AM IST. But before buying this Smartphone. Have a look at Freedom 251 Specs.

  • 4" (10.2cm) Quality Display
  • Android Lollipop 5.1
  • 1.3 GHz Quadcore Processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 8 GB Internal Storage and 32 GB Expandable Storage.
  • 3.2 MP Rear and 0.3MP Front Camera.
  • 3G Connectivity
  • 1450 mAh Battery Life.

Here is the UnBoxing of Freedom 251 Smartphone


The only thing lacks down is the Camera Quality and Screen Size but its good enough to buy it under 4$.

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How to Buy Freedom 251 Online at

Freedom 251 booking can be done in its own Official Website or and refresh every second because there is hell lot of competition out there. Refresh page untill you got ordered.

Click on the above link and order your Freedom 251 now. Just Remember Freedom 251 booking starts on 18 Feb 2016. Mark the Date Fellas.

At 6:00 AM on Feb 18 it will go live and you will get a Buy now Button on homepage as below

Hit the Buy now button and your Freedom 251 will be added to cart with Shipping amount Rs.40/- and on total of Rs. 291/-  as follows.

Add your shipping address with all your details and hit the big Pay now button. That's it. You are all done. Your freedom 251 smartphone will reach you with in 2-3 months.

I have ordered my Freedom 251 Smartphone now. And its your turn now. Simply go to and Make a buy. Hurry it lasts upto 21 Feb 2016.

You will finally land on the Freedom251 booking Conformation Page as follows


As per the expectations and Huge Demand the ordered phones hardly be delivered within July 2016 or more. But its worth the Wait.

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They have 650+ Service Centres inside India and they don't have any service centre outside India as it is a Make In India Product.


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Sunday, 7 February 2016

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5 Interesting Ideas to Impress your Girl on Valentines Day 2016.

Heyo guys!!

Valentines Day is in a week. Feb 14th shouldn't be just like another calendar date.

Got Any Plans for Valentines Day 2016. Forget about the Flowers and chocolate Boxes. How about something Crazy.. Something Stupid.. Naughty and of course Lovable. What do you say??

Don't worry here we have 5 Interesting Ideas to celebrate Valentines Day 2016.

#1. Gifting a Fashion Jewelry

Noting makes your Girl happy except its a Fashion Jewelry. Hit her with your best shot of Fashion Jewelry she will sure Love it and of course Loves you too.


We have gathered up all the top picks to gift to your Valentine. Have a look here and find something special for your Valentine.

#2. Take Her for a Dinner

Yes!! Surprise her with delicious Dinner and add some Smooth Music around.


 Imagine yourself with your Love on a nicely decorated Table with ReWined Candles and Good Dinner with added Smooth Music around. Feels great isn't it. 

#3. Gift a Beautiful Dress

Give a Beautiful Dress to impress your Princess. Girls like to dresses up to Irritate Women and Impress Men. 


Present a Beautiful Dress to your valentine. She will sure love it.  Try this collection of Beautiful top Model designs which suits to your Valentine. 

#4. Make an Awesome Photo Collage 

A Photo make memories live long. Capture every Happy moment of Life. Turn your Memories into a Awesome Photo Collage and gift to her on Valentines Day. 


She will never forget your present and of course never forgets you too. I searched all over the Internet to get beautiful Collage Frames with Discounts and here is the Deal.

#5. Gift a Giftcards for Online Shopping

Girls are Shopaholic. They have been shopping all the life and thinks they still have nothing pretty to wear. Express your love with a Gift Card added with a Valentines day Quote on it. 


We have beautifully decorated Gift cards particularly designed for Valentines day. Have a look on these Beautiful Giftcard Deals

If you have any other Gift ideas for Valentines Day 2016. Do share with us in Comments.

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Thursday, 4 February 2016

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How to Unblock Hidden Chess Game in Facebook Messenger/ Facebook Chat

Heyo Guys..

Everyone Loves Chatting Online with Friends. We have a lot of apps for chatting but Facebook tops all of it. Instead of Chatting with your friends you can now challenge them for a Chess Battle in Facebook Messenger. 

Yeah.!! Another Hidden game is out. Just like the one found in Google Chrome, but its way more interesting.

BetaNews shared a new method to play chess with your Facebook friends in chat. Here are the tricks to unblock hidden chess game on Facebook.

Simple Method to Unblock Facebook Hidden Chess Game

Here is what you have to do to unblock hidden chess game in Facebook.

  • During the conversation type, @fbchess play to start the Game.


  • Select a piece to make a move
    •  K for King
    •  Q for Queen
    •  B for Bishop
    •  N for Knight
    •  R for Rook and P for Pawn.
  • If you want to move a Pawn then type @fbchess Pd4 to move. If more than one piece can go there you will be asked which one to move.
  • You can get help by typing @fbchess help in chatbox.


To look better and larger use "See full conversation" option in chat settings.

It looks cool in Facebook Messenger too. Chess Lovers enjoy playing online chess through Facebook. 

There are many online Chess games with more graphics available but this in-built one is accessible for everyone.

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Saturday, 19 December 2015

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Christmas is in a week : Unique Ideas to Celebrate Christmas 2015

Hi Guys!!!.

Its Christmas Time . Have you prepared well to celebrate this Christmas 2015. All we have is a week. We Celebrate Christmas Every year joyfully. But for this once you will be with me too. Lets Celebrate this Christmas 2015 in a Unique way.

By the way have you got your Christmas Tree prepared, because it is not possible to celebrate Christmas without a Christmas Tree.

 Christmas Tree

 If you haven't ordered a Christmas Tree yet, then have a look at this awesome collection here.

The best ever thing comes in mind when we talk about Christmas is Santa Gifts. They adds joy to the festival. Here are the unique gift Ideas to present Secret Santa Gifts to your Friends and Family.

Unique Ideas to Celebrate Christmas in 2015

#1. Spread Love with Christmas Chocolate Gifts

Believe me this is the best ever gift for Children to Grannies. Because every one love chocolates. So Gift these sweet ones to your dear ones. Without chocolates, Donuts and Cakes Christmas can't be fulfilled. 


Donuts double the joy of Christmas hence we prefer donuts as mandatory for Christmas. Here is the best collection of Christmas Candies for your loved ones. 

#2. Bang the Celebrations with Christmas Tee Shirts

Yes, you heard it right. This is the brand new way to say Happy Christmas. Order a Tee and Gift it to your loved ones.

  happy+christmas+images+2015      happy+christmas+wishes+2015

Got a gang. Wear this KEEP CALM AND MERRY ON Tee shirts and Celebrate. Show your trademark of celebrations with these cool Tee's. Check out other Christmas collections here.

#3. Gift Electronics to your special ones

Believe me these generation kids like Electronics more than any other. It would be a good move to choose electronics as gifts. Give a Gadget - gain happiness from your loved ones. 


More over I have made a awesome list of Electronic Gadgets Gifting for Christmas check here

How about Gifting a Wine. Cool isn't it. I was thinking of gifting them to my Buddies.. Lets have a look at the collection here...

#4. Express wishes with Flowers or Gift Cards

An old fashioned way to express Merry Christmas. But lets modernize with these Unique Collection of flowers and cards here.   Show your expression of celebrations with beautiful messages in gift cards. 


That's all for the day guys. If you have any ideas do share with me in Comments below. Don't forget to share this "Unique ideas to celebrate christmas" with your buddies.

Opps.. I forgot to say. Merry Christmas in Advance guys, Have Fun... :) 
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