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Tuesday, 30 August 2016


The Only Guide You Need to Setup Wordpress in Digital ocean wtih Server Avatar under 5 Minutes

Hi Readers!!

Welcome to another Extra ordinary Guide to Setup your Wordpress Blog in Digital Ocean using Server Avatar. I made this Guide so simple, even a normal Joe can easily understand to make his Blog ready. It will just take 5 minutes of your time. 


So, as usual let's dig some Basics before we move on to the Guide. If you are in a Hurry to Install Wordpress in Digital Ocean using Server Avatar, you can straight away head to the Easy and Definitive Guide below. But, If you are a newbie then I recommend you to continue with the next Golden lines.

Wow, you are still reading this. I appreciate your zeal towards learning. You will clearly understand, What is Digital Ocean and How reliable is it's VPS hosting. So, Why late. Let's hit the road. 

About Digital Ocean and Server Avatar:

One can easily create a Professional Blog using Wordpress under 5 minutes. But to manage it without Overloading and maintaining better Site speed is not an easy task.

Generally its the Hosting part where bloggers face lots of problems. But if you choose VPS Hosting instead of Shared Hosting for your blog then half the problems will be solved automatically. You can read Why VPS Hosting is better when compared to Shared Hosting

So, now the big question is to find a Reliable VPS Hosting provider. Because VPS will cost you a lot more compared to Shared Hosting. Don't worry, We have done all the research for you and Found Digital ocean to be the Best.

DigitalOcean is an American cloud Infrastructure that Provides Virtual Private servers for Developers. Headquartered at New York and recognized as Second largest Hosting Company in the world as of Dec 2015. 

You can easily host your blog for just $5/per month. Isn't it look so Cheap. You can search for any VPS Hosting providers like Interserver, Bluehost or any other, I bet you won't find any Reliable and cheaper ones than Digital Ocean.


If you are new to Digital Ocean then you will face a problem to install Wordpress in your blog. You must be hearing a common word that One must know Coding to manage a Linux/VPS Hosting.

Yes, that's True. To start with DigitalOcean you must know some piece of code. Because you are using Linux Servers so obviously you should be a coder. If not, don't worry. You can still manage a Linux Server without any Coding.

Linux without Code!!! Cool isn't it. There are two awesome tools to do this job. They are Server Pilot and Server Avatar.

These are the sites which manage servers Remotely and helps installing wordpress without any Coding. For this stance I talk about Server Avatar as I have been using this for 5 months and found no problem. With clean design and awesome Customer support you will face no problem in Server Avatar. And it's FREE now. Let's start the Setup.

An Easy Guide to Install Wordpress in DigitalOcean with Server Avatar:

Let's start with the Requirements we need to install Wordpress in Digital Ocean with Server Avatar.

          1. Domain Name
          2. Digital Ocean Account
          3. Server Avatar Account

I expect you have your domain name ready with you. If not, you can get a .COM domain for just $0.99 from Godaddy. Ok, follow these steps without any skip to install wordpress in DigitalOcean.

#1.   Create DigitalOcean Account:

If you are new to Digital Ocean and haven't created any account. You can easily sign up now. If you already have one, then you can proceed to Step 2.

#2. Create your First Droplet:

Navigate to the Top menu and you will find Droplets section on the left corner. Hit it and you will see the Droplets just like the below image.

This is the building block for Wordpress site. So I will split out this into 3 steps. If you have done something wrong at any step, it would be easier to identify it.

Steps to create your First Droplet with DigitalOcean:

Step1: You will see a Big fat Green Button labelled as Create Droplet on the Right Corner. Hit it.


2. Choose an Image: Now you will see various Operating Systems like Ubuntu, CentOS, CoreOs, etc. I recommend to Go with the LINUX 14.04.5x64 version because it is very effective compared to other versions of Linux (Personal Experience)


3. Choose a Size: It's time to configure your Own CPU. You can choose yourself, how your server would be. If you desire to host unlimited sites, you can choose a powerful one with 4GB RAM, 60GB SSB etc. If you are a Newbie, I recommend to start with $5/month plan. It can handle a real time of 125-200. Don't worry you can upgrade your Plan, once you start getting good Realtime. 

4. Add Block Storage: This is optional setting. If you need to add an extra volume to your Server then you can use this setting. It starts from $10/month. I don't recommend it actually. If you are curious to know about it then you can refer this Guide.

5. Choose a Data center Region: If you have done all the above steps without a Skip then you have successfully created your private Server. Now it's time to choose a Location for it. 

Note: My personal suggestion is to select a Server based on your Site audience. If you are getting more page views from US then choose Newyork/ San Francisco. If your site is new then I recommend to go with Newyork 1/2/3 server.

6.  Select Additional Options: Again an optional Setting. If you wish to need any Backup for your work you can tick this options or You can simply ignore and move on.

7. Add your SSH keys: This is not necessary. Adding a SSH is recommended for Security. But you can simply leave it because you will get your Root password via  e-Mail. So, not a big issue.

8. Finalise and Create: If you followed my steps without any skip, then you can finally name you server as you wish and give it 2 minutes to configure your Server.

You have successfully created your First Droplet. Now you will receive a mail regard this. You will get Root password and Server IP Address. We need this information for future purpose. 

#3. Redirecting your Domain to DigitalOcean Droplet:

Now head to your Domain Registrar, we will make some quick settings over there. Navigate to DNS management. We need to change the default Nameservers with these ns records.

and remove the remaining Nameservers. That's it.

It will take 24 hours to update the new NS records. Just Kidding. It's just a formal indication and it won't take more than 2-3 minutes. 

Now, You have successfully pointed your Domain to Digital Ocean Droplet. But wait!! There is no sight of cPanel still. Here comes Server Avatar to complete the action.

#4. Server Avatar Magic:

I think you have got good Idea of Server Avatar and Server Pilot now. If you are new to Server Avatar then you can straight away head to this Signup Link and complete the process under 30 seconds. If you already have one then move on.

In the Dashboard you will see Add Server option. Hit it. Now open your E-mail in which you got your Server IP and root password from Digitalocean. Fill in your Server IP and Root password to add your Server. 

You can Go with manual Installation if you don't wanna share your Root password. But it is recommended to go with Automatic Setup. Your Root password will be safe and SA don't share it with anyone.


Fill those in Server Avatar and click on Add server Button. Just wait for some time because it will install Apache, MySQl, PHP in your linux server.

In the meantime move on to Digital Ocean-->Networking-->Domains and Add your Domain name and select the Droplet which you have just Created. You must do this Step before installing Wordpress in your Site.

Now comeback to Server Avatar. Ahh!!. Now you will see a cPanel, sorry it's Server Panel. You have reached the last stage of the process. Just one more step ahead. Isn't it difficult. I think you are still alive. Ahh, yes you are. Let's Continue.

#5. Install Wordpress using Server Avatar:

Now open Server Panel from the Dashboard. The very first option is Add Domain. Add you domain name. That's it. 


Skip the second step (Database) and move on to Third one. There you will see a Auto Installer Wordpress (Popular in Blogs) option. That's One-Click Wordpress Install button. Hit it.


Enter all the basic credentials of your site. If you are done, Then it will display a message in Dashboard to access your Wordpress Admin Panel. 

You can now access your WP-Admin page like Now you should see your Blog's WP dashboard.

That's it. You can check your blog now. If you have followed all my steps without any skip you will see a Hello World Post on your Site.

FAQ about Installing Wordpress in Digital Ocean with Server Avatar:

Q) My site is not opening with/without WWW. How to fix it?

A) This is one common issue found after the Installation. We can Fix this issue by adding CNAME Record in DO. Follow the below steps to do it.

Login to Digital Ocean--> Navigate to Networking Tab--> Move on to Domains

You will see your Domain name and the next to it you will see More Option. Click on it and Select View Domain option.

Select Record Type--> Select CNAME--> Enter name (WWW.)-->Host Name(>Hit Create CNAME Record option.

Now wait for 1 hour and your issue will be resolved. That's it. If you still faces the error do let me know in the below comments section.

Q) How much can $5/month Micro plan handle.

A) It can handle upto 500-1000 real time. All you need to do it Enable ecloudflare to cache the compiled data and take out lots of stress from the Server.


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