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Saturday, 3 September 2016


An Advanced Guide to Setup Blogger Custom Domain with NameCheap 2016

Hi Readers!!

Welcome to Another Extraordinary Guide. Today we will discuss about the step by step process to add blogger custom domain with NameCheap. By the end of this Guide, you will surely be able to map your Blogspot domain to a Custom Domain at ease.

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You can check our latest guide on How to setup Custom domain in Blogger with Godaddy here.

In this Guide you can expect, a clean and detailed explanation in every step about the process. So, as usual let dig some basics before we start the Setup.


If you are in a Hurry to Add Custom Domain in Namecheap then you can straight away proceed with the Easy and Effective Guide below. If you are new to NameCheap then you will know how effective it is in the next lines. So, Let's begin.

Quick Overview of NameCheap:

Namecheap is just another Domain Registrar like Godaddy and Bigrock. Founded in 2000 and Headquartered at California, Namecheap has more than 3 Million Domain names under management. Their rate are too reasonable compared to other domain registrars like Godaddy and Bigrock.

Everyone loves Namecheap domains due to its Low Renewal Rates. We can easily get a domain for $0.99 from Godaddy or Bigrock but to Renew it for next year will cost you $14.99. But with Namecheap it just costs you $9.99. And an Additional advantage of 1 year Premium WHOIS Guard Free with every Domain.

NameCheap offers Free domains for the Students. All you need to have is your College Mail ID (.edu) to benefit this offer.

So, if you want to build a long term blog then NameCheap is advisable and if your need is to just Build a blog and Sell it, then Godaddy or Bigrock can help you.

Namecheap build its Empire in Domain Registrations with many features, but it also have a modest Web Hosting Plans. Their Hosting plans costs less than a Domain. Yes, you heard it right. You can 3 Websites with the basic plan which costs you around $9.38/year only.

I bet you won't find any other Hosting provider having these Cheap and Reliable Service in Web Hosting. So, now you have got good idea of NameCheap. Let go and build our blog with it.

How to Setup Custom Domain in Blogger with NameCheap:

For better understanding, I will split this Setup into Two parts. One is Blogger Settings Part and Other is NameCheap Configuration Part. So, be with us and let's hit the show.

I assume you have already got a domain from NameCheap. If not, you can simply register it in 2 minutes. Click here to Buy a domain from Namecheap. If you already have your domain, then you can proceed.

Custom Domain Blogger Settings for NameCheap:

1) First, Login to your Blogger account and select the blog for which you need to add a Custom domain.

2) Make Sure your Blog has a minimum of 2 posts before doing this Setup. Sometimes, it will be difficult for NameServers to manage a new blog.

3) Next Move on to Settings and you will see this Publishing under Basic Tab.You will find a link to Setup a third party URL for your Blog. Hit it and enter your domain you bought from NameCheap.


4) Enter your Custom domain and Hit the save button. Now a Error will popup. We have not been able to verify your Authority to this Domain. Error 12. Don't panic. Its just an ideal thing.


5)  Note down the data (1) i.e. Name,Label, and Destination target things  in the Notepad. Don't loose them. They are very much needed to Point your blogspot domain to Custom Domain.

6)Now click on the View setting Instruction shown in (2) and scroll down and at the bottom select Top Level Domain option ( and you will find 4 IP address. 


Note them in Notepad too. Now you will have the data of (1) and 4 IP addresses with you. Ok, then we will move on to NameCheap Dashboard and make some Quick settings over there.

NameCheap DNS Settings for Blogger Custom Domain :

Congrats!! You have successfully completed Half of the setup. In just 5 Minutes the total process will be completed. Be with us. Don't skip any step. If you save anything wrong in DNS, then everything you did will go in vain.

1) Login to your NameCheap dashboard.

2) Click on the Domains List tab from the Top left menu. And select the domain to which you want to add Blogger Custom Domain. Hit the Manage Button found right after the domain name. 


3) Then move on to Advanced DNS option. You will see 2 Records by default in your Domain like the below. One is A Record and Other is CName record. 

4) Now Delete the default records because they may mismatch with our New ones. So Delete them before adding our New Records.

5) A Records are those where you have to add your 4 IP Addresses. Now type @ in the place of Host and Add the First IP address you got from Blogger. And For the CName records we need to fill the data(1) i.e. www and other one from the Error 12 .


6) Repeat the Step and finally you should have 4 A Records of 4 IP addresses and 2 CName Records of www and other one. If you do this step wrong, then you will face problem with your blogger custom domain not opening with/without WWW.

7) Once you have done it properly, then your DNS should look like the below screenshot. You can set time Automatic or 30 min. Its your wish.


8) Now you have successfully completed the Namecheap Setting. You can go back to Blogger dashboard where you got that error.

9) Now wait for 30 min to get your DNS configured by Namecheap. After that click on the Save button and Tick mark the Redirect option where you got error and Booom!! 

10) Your Blogspot domain will now successfully redirects to your Custom Domain.

That's it Guys! Isn't it simple. The only difference with NameCheap DNS is, they took a minimum of 30 minutes to update it. So don't hit Save button in Blogger frequently. Just wait for 20-30 min and hit it.

If you face any problems in adding Blogger Custom Domain with NameCheap do let us know in the comments Section. See you in the Next post guys.!!Cheers!!


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